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Heavy Duty H-Frames (Boxes fo 25)
Heavy Duty H-frames (Boxes of 25)
Heavy Duty H-frames (Boxes of 25)
Item#: HeavyDutyH-Boxof25
$43.25, 20/$815.00, 54/$2,092.50, 216/$7,776.00, 540/$18,900.00, 1080/$36,720.00

Product Description
This sturdy yard sign stake measures 6" (bottom) 10" (top) Wide x 30" High. Unlike the standard H-Frame the Heavy Duty H-Frame� has the thick steal you'll need to weather any sort of storm, and can stand up to multiple installations. In most cases, can ship out your order the same day. The Heavy Duty H-Frames� come in boxes of 25.